....if your problem was gone

 ....if everything was alright

Imagine if your problem was gone.  What difference would it  make to your life? How would you feel?  How would you look?  What would you be doing?

There are several problems which people suffer from which can stop them from enjoying their lives, hold them back from achieving their goals and make them feel trapped in a virtual prison.  I know this from personal experience.  Often these problems are coupled with addictions making the cycle appear even harder to break.  Our brains are the most complex organs in the incredible human machine.  Yet we often don’t use our brains very wisely!  For some people, far too many of their 60,000 daily thoughts are negative ones.  If we practice feeling bad, it eventually becomes a habit.  Anxiety, stress, bad habits, phobias, fears, obsessions, depression - they all happen automatically if we keep practising!

When you were young you learned to walk and to talk.  You learned how to read and write.  At first it took us a lot of conscious effort to learn these things.  Now we do all of these everyday things, and many others too, completely automatically.

We learned to do these routine things by consciously copying others around us and by repeating the process over and over again until it became automatic and hard wired into our brains. The more you focus on things, the more you practice and repeat things, the more they become automatic.  Your unconscious mind helps you to do the routine things without having to try to do everything with a conscious effort.  The bad habits and behaviours become automatic.  By re-training your brain to do things differently you can build new neural pathways, get rid of unwanted behaviours and replace them with more positive habits and behaviours, automatically.

Just imagine that you are watching a TV program and the program disgusts and repulses you to the point where it makes you feel sick.  Would you keep on watching it? No, you would grab the remote and change the channel.  Yet we often unconsciously hold on to bad thoughts, perhaps images, events or even conversations in our own heads that keep us feeling bad. 

Making changes to the way that we think about negative things and about the things that we don't want will help us to deal with problems more easily and also enable us to focus on achieving the things that we do want.  It's a bit like having a remote control for your own feelings and behaviours.  Quite a handy gadget! No batteries required.

In times of despair it can be really difficult to believe that we are each responsible for our own thoughts and for the way that we feel.  The way that we feel is a result of our thoughts.  If we can control our thoughts, then we can control the way that we feel.  Does that sound too easy?  Well it is far easier to change our thoughts, feelings and behaviours than we realise.  If we take the time to stop and think about what is making us feel bad, then change the way that we think about those things, then we change the way that we feel.

I can help you to re-train your brain to overcome a variety of problems and then focus on getting what you do want.

Some alternative methods often take many years, cost several thousands of pounds and often may not achieve the changes that you desire.

I have found that NLP and hypnotherapy can help many problems in just one session.  More complex problems may take between three to eight sessions.

 Making Addictions History

Putting your dependencies in the past!

If you are looking at breaking yourself, or someone that you care about, free from the pain of either social addiction or harder regular use of either alcohol or drugs, then I believe that I can help you. 

Many methods use willpower and this can often be extremely tough.  I believe that it should be easier than using willpower. 

I prefer to re-train the brain to 'unlearn' the bad habit and to think about the addiction completely differently.  I feel that it is important to make the addiction part of your past rather than something that you have to constantly fight and resist.

Many people attend fellowship meetings such as AA, CA and NA.  These can be a successful form of finding abstinence and can a provide a valuable source of support.  There are however many people who are uncomfortable in a group situation or those who have come away from meetings disheartened because they feel it’s not for them. Unlike many practices, I will show you how to train the part of your brain to not want to indulge any more. You will be free from the cravings and you won’t become a social recluse.

In fact once you have been through the journey with me, you will soon see that your life changes so much for the better. You can re-gain respect for yourself and from others and life can begin again with an abundance of opportunity.

Are you an 'Addict'?

What defines an alcoholic or an addict? This question gives rise to a variety of answers including it being labelled as a disease or even it being defined as when a person puts the importance of their next drink or fix above everything and anything else.  Personally I believe it is when someone has lost control over the choice to use alcohol or drugs to whatever degree.  More importantly, I don’t believe that the precise definition of the word  ‘addict’ or 'alcoholic' matters in the slightest.

What really matters is that you admit to yourself that you have a problem, decide that enough is enough and that you want to CHANGE!

Coping Mechanisms

Alcoholism and drug addiction is often related to other underlying issues and is a way of numbing pain or 'escaping' from our problems.

Once I have helped you to overcome the addiction to alcohol or drugs, you will need new methods for dealing with any problems in the future rather than going back to your 'old friend' when things get tough or when you've had a bad day.  Together we can ensure that you have the right tools to ensure that you can cope with issues and bad timeswithout drinking or using.

If you have decided that you've had enough of your problem and that you now want to change, then you have already begun your journey ....


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