Couples/Relationship Coaching

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How can Couples/Relationship Coaching help you?

Most couples come to me when their relationship is unhappy or ‘stuck’.

Couples (or Relationship) Coaching is suitable for those who are ready to work together to make some important changes.  It is designed to help you to move your relationship forward.

Couples coaching helps each person to consider the current uncomfortable situation from different perspectives, try out alternative ways of behaving, communicating and thinking.  It helps each person to improve and grow allowing the relationship to become more comfortable and resilient. 

Couples/Relationship Coaching can help you to:

Many important relationships (including partners, spouses, family members, friends or colleagues) suffer or even break down completely for any number of reasons.  When relationships suffer they can become painful and often people are unable to communicate effectively without anger, bitterness or arguments. The longer the problems continue, the harder it can be to repair the damage.  If the relationship is important to you, it is best to seek help as soon as possible.

Coaching allows you the opportunity to recognise how our own behaviours may affect the relationship.  When we are able to accept some of the responsibility we have a better chance of making things work.

By examining exactly what it is that isn’t working, then deciding what it is that you do want, we can discover and practice better ways of doing things and work towards solutions.

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My partner and I would like to thank Jo for everything she has done to help us get through some rough patches in our relationship. Going to coaching with an open mind really helped us be open and honest with the ways each of us could better the way we thought about things/handled certain situations/ spoke to each other and Jo allowed us to capture the most important aspects and improve the issues we were experiencing. We both agree Jo helped us when we needed it the most and we are forever grateful. 

I also had coaching with Jo on my own and it has changed my life and the way I handled some personal decisions in my life. Dealing with guilt and upset and my emotions and anxiety. I can’t thank you enough for supporting me through a time time in my life, I loved every second of our sessions. Highly recommended.

Elena T, London

My partner and I were experiencing issues in our relationship which we were unable to resolve. We had tried “Relate” and after two sessions my partner lost the plot and we didn’t return. I knew there was a strong possibility that whoever we chose may have a challenge to work with my partner as he is a private individual. From the first session with Jo I instinctively knew that she had understood her audience. She used language that worked for my partner and I, to allow us to feel comfortable, she is a master at work. Sometimes I would feel that she had achieved more in a session that I had been able to reveal in years. She allowed us to understand ourselves and by encouraging us to “respond” not “react” changed our approach to each other.

From the outset Jo was clear that sometimes the goal that we desperately want, isn’t always the outcome that is achieved when approaching “coaching”. Needless to say that we hoped that the coaching would allow us to reach a conclusion that we could feel satisfied, with or without each other. Jo worked with us for a couple of months, and during this time I felt that I was starting to see the relationship with clarity, something which was new to me. She taught me new techniques to relieve anxiety, which at first felt alien, but I can now use this and feel the improvement. She asked questions that allowed us to think about our communication and allow us to find the solutions. The journey which Jo took us on didn’t reach the destination I had hoped at the outset, however, the destination is one which holds a future. I have been taught to understand my values and beliefs and not allow those to be compromised. I believe that Jo has given me back my inner strength and without her I truly believe nothing would have changed. Jo is professional, knowledgeable in her field, worldly and understanding of her clients, she also has an incredible understanding of compassion. I could not recommend her more highly. She is worthy of my extreme gratitude for encouraging me to grow and fly.

Maria Rocker

Single Sessions for a maximum of 2 clients

Standard Session 1 hour from £100

From £ 100

  • Online via Zoom or phone £100
  • In person in Buckhurst Hill £120
  • In person in South Woodford £130
  • Support between sessions

Breakthrough Session
1.5 hours from £145

From £ 145

  • Online via Zoom or phone £145
  • In person in Buckhurst Hill £165
  • In person in South Woodford £175
  • Support between sessions

Couples Package

1 x 1.5 hour session and
5 x 1 hour sessions from £625

From £ 625

  • Online via Zoom or phone £625
  • In person in Buckhurst Hill £700
  • In person in South Woodford £750
  • Support between sessions included


Couples coaching is a powerful method of facilitating change. It is not the same as counselling.

If one party refuses to come along, Coaching can help to person who attends to make some important changes.

For the best chance of success, couples should seek help as soon as possible. Get help when you need it!

When people ask this question, what they really mean is can you save our relationship?

Coaching can help couples to make powerful changes in order to strengthen their relationship. Unfortunately it does not always result in the couple staying together.

Yes I do work with families.  Contact me to find out more.

Take some time to invest in yourself. You deserve it.