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How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful tool which has helped countless people to overcome a myriad of problems, from kicking bad habits to excelling in sports.  It can help you to get through mental blocks, reinforce the resources that you have within you and to find different and better ways of doing things. 

Often when clients have problems they might have been told by well meaning people, “it’s all in your mind”.  Although the person who said it may well be right, being told that can sound dismissive of the issue and hearing it doesn’t make the problem go away.  Hypnotherapy is now widely recognised (and recommended by other health professionals) as a hugely effective method of helping to overcome many emotional, mental and physical problems.  A list of some of the more common areas can be found in the Treatments list page.

Hypnotherapy can help with:

About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and therapy.  Hypnosis itself is a natural trance state.  Most of us experience a trance state regularly.   If you’ve been totally immersed when reading a book, or when playing or even listening to music, then you have been in a trance state.

The word hypnosis is derived from the Greek word ‘Hypnos’, meaning sleep.  Although hypnosis is a pleasant form of relaxation it is not the same as sleep.  By using hypnotherapy we can achieve more heightened states of awareness and the ability to focus very clearly on particular issues. The hypnotherapist can then guide the client towards making the positive changes they desire.

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I only had one session with Jo.  That’s all that it took!  I  suffered with a fear and Jo was able to pin point my problem and deal with it in such a caring, calm way!  It took me 10 years to try to deal with this fear but it only took an hour of Jo’s time and now I’m back on track.  Jo was amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Laura, London

Thanks to Jo I have my dream job.  For years I have suffered with interview nerves.  But I attended a couple of sessions with Jo and she gave me the confidence and calmness that I needed with stressful interview situations.  As a result I not only have my dream job but I also have the tools to deal with any similar challenges that life might put in my way.

Mari, London


Under hypnosis clients are not asleep, they are aware of what is happening, however they are extremely deeply relaxed. The hypnotic state is often accompanied by feelings of peace and safety.

You will always be in control and will not do or say anything that you don’t want to.  The hypnotherapist helps you to make the changes that you want and agree to.

Clients usually remember, in detail, much of their hypnotic experiences.

Hypnosis is a completely natural trance state.  If for any strange reason the hypnotherapist did not bring you out of trance, you would do so quite naturally on your own.

Individual session pricing

Standard Session

Standard 1 Hour Session

From £ 90

  • Online via Zoom or phone £90
  • 1:1 In Buckhurst Hill £95
  • 1:1 in Walthamstow £95
  • 1:1 in South Woodford £100
  • Support between sessions

Breakthrough Session

1.5 hour Breakthrough Session

From £ 130

  • Online via Zoom or phone £130
  • 1:1 in Buckhurst Hill £145
  • 1:1 in Walthamstow £145
  • 1:1 in South Woodford £160
  • Support between sessions

Take some time to invest in yourself. You deserve it.