Group Work

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How group work can help you

There are many advantages of working in a well facilitated group.

Group workshops are a focussed and more cost effective, time efficient method of delivering coaching, presentations, learning, facilitating project focus groups on a wide range of subject areas.

Group working environments can encourage more participation, collaboration, the sharing of good ideas and more.  They may also help to identify any requirements for particular skills, knowledge or resources.

Examples of Group Work:

Some workshops can be….boring.

For group work to have a positive impact, it is vital to maintain the attention of the room using clear, relevant, engaging content along with energetic delivery.  Good facilitation will encourage attendees to not only pay attention but also to think for themselves, ask questions and feel comfortable enough to participate and engage with others.

There are a variety of group sessions available for a varied type of audience and the content of  existing or bespoke topics.  Some examples are:

  • The facilitation of team sessions to introduce and discuss a new process or other change
  • A group coaching workshop for Fear of Public Speaking
  • Developing and delivering bespoke presentations to community groups
  • Developing and presenting engaging mental health workshops in schools
  • Group stop smoking sessions
  • Team workshops for line manager
  • Group workshops for anxiety management

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Jo prepared and delivered a group mental health awareness presentation to the local community on behalf of the Sky Sharma Foundation. The presentation was well informed, thought-provoking and full of lots of valuable information including nutritional help. I feel it really helped our group on the whole for a few reasons; information as such isn’t provided in such detail on external mental health platforms and there were significant differences highlighted in the presentation amongst what mental health is and what mental illnesses are alongside a lot more. Jo is very clear and concise about the service she provides and I felt she plays a key part in aiding the cause.

Vicky Sharma-SSF, London



Group workshops can be held either in person or online.

Yes.  I can work with you to prepare content, deliver and facilitate bespoke, workshops and presentations.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Yes I can help you to design and deliver a team event using your own content.

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